Sunday, February 12, 2012

woman down.

pink satin booties - chanel - sf, ca

i've been working on my fitness, and yesterday i challenged myself to run four miles of my 4.7 mile loop. feeling like quite the bad ass, i ran those four miles and actually enjoyed it. that is, until i ate it, palms first, into the asphalt just one block from my house.

i think there should be a rule: if you see a person fall in public, at least extend them the courtesy to ask if they are okay. i don't need somebody to rub my back. but those two cars stopped at the stop sign where i fell each had drivers. and neither of them bothered to ask.

so i picked myself up, wrapped my raw right paw into my shirt, and quickly walked home with major adrenaline pumping. i kept my composure until i crossed the threshold of my apartment--as soon as i knew i was within ten feet of jon, i lost it. why do hand injuries hurt so damn much? awful!

thanks to dr. libbey, i survived :) so be safe out there your exercisers. your own two feet can really do a number.

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