Sunday, July 31, 2011

resolved. then and now.

bench - above panoramic place - berkeley, ca

it is so important to commit to yourself, and i like the idea of having a symbol of that commitment somewhere where you can be reminded of it daily. for five years i had a single strand of tiny, amber glass beads on thread around my wrist. for five years i showered with it and fiddled with it when i was nervous or anxious. it became a part of me and my daily goings. a few weeks ago, though, i looked down to see that it had finally fallen. i hadn't even noticed. and that i hadn't noticed sort of surprised me, but in the end, i prefer it that way. that day--whichever day it was--closed a chapter of so much searching and growth.

on friday, july 29, 2011, i started yet another beginning. i bought a slight, knotted gold band, and it will be with me for the next leg of my great progression.

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