Tuesday, October 26, 2010

torrential. twenty-something, too.

rainstorm still - powell st - sf, ca

i wish it would've rained today. i wish it would've poured and stormed until the streets were slick and spotted with puddles. the sound of drops against my umbrella would've cured today--it would've drummed away the doubt and distaste of it all.

instead, i walked home with my thoughts until an elderly frenchman stopped me and asked to use my cell phone to call a friend. i said, of course. i dialed the number he'd written in pencil on a piece of notepaper that was rubber-banded to his pocketbook. and i stood there watching his mouth make french sounding english words. a minute later, it was over. his striped, collared shirt and herringbone jacket made their way toward their destination. and there i was again, still unsure of mine.

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