Friday, June 11, 2010

what is paper when you're glued to the rock?

in that, i believe - ubuntu fundraiser - rutherford, ca

i put a dollar bill in my pocket midway through my walk home with the intention of handing it to the homeless man named les who frequents the corner near my house. during my mile of thinking, i toiled with the question that i've considered since moving to the city. does giving a dollar to someone without a home promote the problem? am i encouraging the stranded, middle-aged man to return back to that very spot on the sidewalk day after day, rather than return home to his family in new orleans? or can a dollar, for him, turn around a day that is spent being torn down by the act of begging for a living? can a dollar tell a man that you acknowledge him as a human being, however invisible he might be to the rest of the world?

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