Thursday, April 1, 2010

dawn to deluge to dusk.

water cans - front porch - napa, ca

it's april, and the showers are fast upon us. though don't be fooled by clear-skied mornings. wearing suede flats and a silk chiffon skirt, you'll be lured from your front doorstep sans umbrella. the sun will stay out just long enough to render itself promising, so much so that you'll consider having yoppi frozen yogurt for lunch. hell, you'll even eat it outside while watching the ill-fitting suits pass by. but that midday dream bubble will burst the second you leave your workplace. spontaneously, cumulous clouds will combust, and your outfit--along with your craving for coconut tart--will be sent to the gutter with the rest of the raindrops.

consider this a warning.

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Rachel said...

I'm constantly inspired by your writing, ms leah. Mr B would be proud.