Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we heart our customer$.

clean lines - building vs. sky - sf, ca

one of the best things about living in north beach is the incredible concentration of dry cleaners. close proximity breeds competition, breeds competitive pricing. still, i can't afford to keep my silk-worm-woven wardrobe looking pressed and pretty on a weekly basis, so i asked a knowledgeable source how i can keep my bill down:

1. once you get home, immediately change out of your clothes (no matter how hungry you are). you will avoid unnecessary encounters with stains and smells.

2. invest in a good steam iron and learn how to use it. often all a garment needs is a good steam sprucing. plus, wrinkle-free clothes look more polished and thus, more expensive.

3. when you do find a stain, however faint, place a piece of tape on it and request that your dry cleaner spot clean that particular area--even experts need direction.

good luck. and if you're a resident of north beach, i officially endorse water lily cleaners on powell. they are quick, polite, and eager to please.

i hear dryell is also a good alternative. we'll see about that one.

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