Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the raindrop collective. an excuse for balm.

wiggly water - the garden - napa, ca

i've just recovered from being pretty ill for the past three days, and i stepped out to a wet world this morning. those at work who clearly don't know me blamed my sickness on the dreary weather. no way flora may. i've maintained a lifelong love affair with all things related to raindrops. anyway, i was reminded today--while eating lunch in the break room--of the days when recess was cancelled due to downpour. and how cool it was to have permission to eat at my own desk and draw fashion cats at the same time. alas, my fluffy flashbacks were demolished when i realized where i was. at work. sitting with my back to a nameless man who pronounced eatable, "eetable." a storm of a different sort, i suppose.

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Shannon Hattyar said...

I adored rainy day recess as a child as well. But as a teacher? Not so much.